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My short stories are often written in short bursts of inspiration, fine tuned, and cultivated until they feel, just right. Some ask questions of what if, while others explore the emotions that lay hidden underneath, and still others take humorous trips. They all have a sprinkle of this, a dash of that, creating unique concoctions that are snap shots of life. Read, devour and enjoy! 

There are always things to do. But sometimes doing it later sounds so much better!


There is never a slow news day in Tiggertown. News anchor Brad is taken by surprise by this latest story development. An alleged attempted murder caught on camera. Click to learn more.


The agony of losing not only one's love but also one's kingdom.


When a woman has been hurt for the last time.


The difference between life and death is being kind.


Ever felt stuck like you are doing the same thing over and over again yet you keep expecting a different result? Then check this story out.


What happens when you are exactly what 'they' hate.


A comedy on the English language and our varied pronunciation.


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