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By: Denishea Young


     I walked into the house shouting for my spouse only to stop and look on in awe. She was dressed to the nines. Her hair luxuriously, shiny and thick formed a natural crown. Her dress hugged her curves displaying her beauty for all the world to see. Her heels with their sparkly allure added a touch of danger to her already formidable height. Not a word did she say to me. She simply stared. The kids were not even there. The house was bare of all their things turning it from a home back into a man cave. I looked her in the eyes but not long could I stare. She sighed and stood from her seat on the only remaining chair and walked to the door the last bag already packed and ready to go. Passing me she briefly paused. A small sound did I detect as she her lips parted but not a word, did she let slip. Instead she continued on walking out the door, out of my life, forever more. I cheated on my spouse. And it wasn’t the first time. But it was to be the last.

© Denishea Young
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Image by Leon Gerardo Cholula  from Pixabay 

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