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To Do List

I have so much to do.

I would be lying,

if I say it’s not trying

to do so many tasks

in the time I’ve been 


A part of me simply

wants to stop.

Close my eyes and flop 

back onto my bed.

Pull the covers over my head

And dream my tasks away.

But I can not. If I want 

a place to stay.

food to eat

and go to places to play.

So I will do my tasks.

Cross my fingers and toes

and hope that one day.

I will place pen to

paper and be pleasantly

surprised because there is 

no need to write.

Because all the tasks have

been done and it

is finally, Finally!

Okay to lie 

back and be a 

sloth who

only gets down 

from their lofty heights

to take care of basic necessities

and the rest of the time 

 sleep and eat!

~ Denishea Young

I wrote this poem due to the frustration I had about the amount of tasks that I had to do that seemed to never get done no matter how much I did. Instead they seemed to spawn more tasks for me to do thereby adding to my list more than it was subtracting. Have you ever had some days like that? Were you ever able to become the sloth?

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