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I Don't Need No New Friends

Water and oil in a glass not mixing
Water meets Oil

Oil meet water

Water meet oil

The being smiled

Beaming rays of hope

At the budding friendship

It had invoked

Water looked at oil

Oil looked at water

And both decided 


I’m be over here 

And oil floated to the top

That’s cool I will stay here

And water drifted to the bottom.

There they stayed 

No matter how many times they were introduced

No matter who did the introduction

Oil always collected itself and

floated to the top.

While water in utter annoyance

Huffed its way to the bottom.

Forever separate.

~ Denishea Young

Did you laugh while reading this poem? I know I did while writing it. It was so much fun to create and was the first thing to pop into my head when reading the prompt from for day eight:

write a poem that centers around an encounter or relationship between two people (or things) that shouldn’t really have ever met – whether due to time, space, age, the differences in their nature, or for any other reason.

How is your 30 day poetry challenge going? Don't worry if you have gotten behind or have become stuck for inspiration. Just take your time and write whatever comes to mind.

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