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Poetry Challenge

Updated: Apr 4

In April, (yes, a lot did happen in April) I participated in a poem a day challenge. While I didn't end up writing 30 poems. I did write quite a few. Either way I did accomplish my main goal which was to write. It was truly a learning experience.

Some of the poems came out as funny and some serious.

Some rhymed and others didn't.

But they all give a perspective.

Over the course of this month and the next I will release my top three favorites

So without further ado here is the first poem:

Poetry Challenge

By: Denishea Young

A poem a day

A challenge you say

I can do it!

Just get out of my way.

I will slay this beast

Without delay.

Okay where to start.


Crap this is harder than I thought...

The day languished in infinite glow of evening

Wait does that even make sense

Great god I feel my soul grieving

For the drivel I have written

Makes me feel like heaving.

Okay let's try again

The brittle cry of a thousand moms die upon the wind

Well that's dark

Let me try again

The eagles soar, circle and swoop until it spots its prey and gives a final whoop

Okay well I guess it's better.

Well let’s see what I got.

A line here

Another there.

But no poems anywhere.

Okay well this will take some time.

It doesn’t even rhyme.

Nor inspire feelings sublime

Instead it feels subpar

And makes me feel like I'm in a war

Against myself for little wealth and my eventual death

So I’ll stop here

But I’ll keep my pen near

In case words volunteer

to become clear.

Have you ever tried a poem-a-day challenge? How about an art challenge? An exercise challenge? How did you handle staying on task for 30 to 31 days? Would you do it again? What did you learn from it?

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