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Let’s Get Lit!

This is a series where I share poems, short stories, novellas and/or chapters that I have written. They are/will be linked to their corresponding genre on the website. That way you can go there to see what the latest is in each section versus trying to find it later via this blog.

So to start lets go with poems. As I have successfully completed the 30 day poetry challenge. How did you do? What did you learn?

But just because National Poetry Month has ended that doesn't mean you have to stop writing poems. Here is a poem that I wrote August 2022 after my travel to the city of Portland, Oregon. It was there that I saw for the first time homelessness, so in your face. I have seen poverty, both in the United States and in Argentina. I have of course seen examples of homelessness on TV. I have seen evidence of homeless person living in the woods in my home state. But never before had I seen homeless people full out sleeping with a blanket on the street. It was disturbing to say the least and made such an impact on me that I ended up writing a poem about it. 


By Denishea Young

hey did you see

see the feet of the woman on the ground

exposed to the frost of the air

the chill of the wind.

They were white and pale

thick and calloused

with red polish on the nails.

I didn’t see to whom they belonged

because the human was covered

in a white blanket that shone bright in the light.

A barrier against the world 

that covered the human like a body bag

No one knows whether she lives or has passed.

No one dares approach to find out.

Like the others I walk around.

Hope the person lives

and continue on.

A little more grateful

for my home.


What would you have done if you saw a homeless person lying on the streets under a blanket? Their face covered, their status unknown? Have you had an encounter with a homeless individual that left an impression on your mind? Will you keep writing poems? Share it down in the comments below.

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