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Museums Are Boring: In honor of Art Appreciation Month

April Poetry Challenge continued with Poem # 2.

This year I went to Portland, Oregon for a work conference. It’s a nice city by the way. I absolutely love the metro rails. However, the homelessness and the amount of businesses out of business was shocking to say the least. But that no sales tax though. I loved that!

After the conference I was able to visit the Portland Art Museum. This is my experience.

Museums are Boring

By: Denishea Young


Visiting a museum Is boring


It’s quiet and people stare at paintings

With looks of profound understanding

All I feel is confusion

And mild irritation

What's so great about dots?

What’s so great about mirrors?

What’s so great about splatters?

My little cousin can do that

In fact he did

Last week.

Here's a vid.

I feel like I’m missing something

This is where inspiration strikes


Seeing these white faces

Up on walls.

Seeing this history

blood splattered and all.

Seeing the roses

Posies, flowers

Women’s… trousers?

Shouldn’t I feel something

Except cold, empty and annoyed.

Is this abstract?

What is it supposed to be?

Should I stand further away?

Is that a banana taped to a wall?

Am I supposed to be impressed,

By “Take the Money and Run?”

Okay ancient Egypt is cool.

The pharaohs sarcophagus too.

But wait, there isn't a body

in there?

…Is that right?

What if that had been my grandmother

Would I like that?

Her all dug up

Her momentos on display

Her jewelry and finery

from her final resting day.

It is pretty

but is it okay?

Some pictures were pretty

Some were wild

Some felt like they tried too hard to be.

I saw one or two that might represent me.

Well not me per say,

but African Americans, modern day,

that are real, not abstract or made funny.

But recognizable and done accurately.

I bet it cost a lot of money.

I feel seen…

I guess?

I’m still searching

Looking for the profound.

All I feel is confusion

And a building frown.

Why is that woman kneeling before a man?

Why is she contorted, her portions distorted?

That looks like it would hurt

To hold that position

Is that really how men see us?

Demure and silent

To be loud is to be violent

I reject your messages.

Oh that's nice, a landscape bright and concise.

And this is interesting,

Abstract Painting, Blue (1952)

I don’t know why but I like it.

Do you?

Hmm… Okay I see your point.

Perhaps… museums aren’t so boring.

But wait, what's that sound?

A live exhibit I see.

I snap a picture

And title it


Here let me show you

It's your old man


I guess to him

museums are boring.

Also in honor of the upcoming Art Appreciation Month (August) here is a piece of artwork that inspires me…

Abstract Painting, Blue (1952) by Ad Reinhardt. Image sourced from MOCA

It is called the Abstract Painting, Blue (1952). I like it, simply because it successfully tricked me. For the longest I didn’t approach it but watched it from afar waiting for it to show me something. After several minutes of it showing nothing but a blue screen I figured maybe it was broken or maybe it activated only if it sensed someone directly in front of it. So, I walked closer only to give out a startled chuckle at finding I had been staring expectantly at a painting. I don’t usually like abstract art but this one I greatly enjoyed.

Can you tell how it inspired my poem?

That's just what strikes me as so amazing about the arts. One thing inspires the creation of artwork which leads to another unique creation all of which may never have come to fruition had that not first person never started.

So remember that the next time your self doubt tries to talk you out of displaying your work. You never know just by putting it out there, what you might inspire others to create.

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