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I Just Want Beige


It seems like such an easy color to find.

Until you go to the paint store 

And ask with the innocence of newborn babe.

“Can you point me to the direction of the paint color beige?”

Streaks of beige paint

Only to be brought before a wall covered in colored swatches

With the titles ranging from

Tan, wheat cookies ecru, sepia


Bone, eggnog, sand, champagne, camel

With some numbers thrown in for good measure

“Oh my god!” You wail

“I just wanted beige”

The associate pats you on the shoulder 

Gives a sad smile and says 

“Good luck”

and leaves you to your despair

As you try to find the exact right color for your wall.

Whimpering quietly “…but just beige.”

Lol! I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did writing. It came about because of prompt for day 21 from When asked to write a poem about a color the only one that came to mind was beige and the problems I have been having with trying to find just the right color beige. Have you ever tried to buy paint that matched your walls and only to go to the store and be overwhelmed with all the options? Did you ever find the paint you were looking for?

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