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Pedro Passed

I come to you bearing sad news.

On April 24, 2022 @ 1:00 pm my writing partner, Pedro Young, passed away. His death, while not unexpected, was still heartbreaking. He was one of my first pets that I had since finishing college and entering the workforce as an adult. He was my responsibility and while sometimes he hurt my feelings (okay it was a lot of times) when he refused to enjoy the experience of being picked up,

he was still my buddy, my friend, my confidant. The one who required me to get up in the mornings if nothing else to feed him and his brother.

The one who solved my puzzles. The one who listened to my stories, poems and muttering without complaint. But with indifferent eyes and the critical sound of munching hay. He brightened my day with his squeaks of joy and running hops. He was an unexpected boon that enhanced our families’ lives. He helped me to feel just a little less alone in the world.

I miss you buddy!

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