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The Reality of Moving Apartments: A Personal Reflection

Updated: Jan 12

I have recently moved from an apartment complex that I have been in since I was in middle school to a new area. One that allows pets (hence my additional fur babies). Let me just say, I didn’t realize just how much stuff I had accumulated over the years. (Most of it books)

At some point towards the end of the moving process I had to throw in the towel so to speak and just pack up the two totes worth of paperwork.

What paperwork is in there?

I don’t know.

Will I ever know?

Someday, I will gather the courage to go through it all again. But for now. I just had to get it contained so I could move it.

What I learned throughout this packing process is yes I have gathered a lot of stuff. Yes, as much stuff as I donated to Goodwill there was evermore that I kept. Yes, I do need to watch some Marie Kondo episodes and read her books, because this, while not horrible, is still not at all where I want it to be. It also makes me wonder how in the world do people move with families across the country on a yearly basis. I didn’t even go far and it was expensive as heck (moving company, rental deposit, last month’s rent, and first month’s rent) and truly exhausting. Cleaning two places, setting up and turning off electricity, Wi-Fi and let’s not forget insurance. Packing my car as full as I could make it. Planning out the moving of Papito (my guinea pig) and more. 

All this had me wondering if I just have too much stuff or is this normal?

I just don’t know.

I guess time will tell. 

What have I learned about moving? 

  1. You paid the moving company a crap ton of money for a reason. Let them carry the boxes, bags, lamps and shelving up and down the stairs.

  2. Leaving an apartment is easy; leaving a neighborhood and community is hard.

  3. You not only have to learn how to get to your new place but how to get from your new place to old places and which fast food restaurants are okay and which one’s are to be avoided.

  4. Learning the locations of the gas stations and the safety measures that must be taken at each location.

  5. Learning the unspoken rules of the new community 

and much more.

Moving is something I have wanted to do for over ten years now and I have finally done it. But if I’m honest even though the old place had its many, many, many drawbacks it was nice knowing my neighborhood, community and stores. It was nice to be able to navigate the area without much of a thought. But I’m still glad I moved because now I have a new place to explore, new things to learn and experience and I am ready for it all.

Have you ever had to move before? What was it like? Share your experience down below.

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