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Is That A Lite Novel I See?

Hello All!

So guess what...

Go on guess...

I have put up the very first installment of my Lite Novel. You have probably seen it before and maybe even clicked the link. However, since I first published my site it has always had the Editing In Progress sign.

Well guess what!

All the early finagling of my schedule and figuring myself out has led to me having more time. Not just any time but stress free time. This in turn has resulted in me being able to not only write but also most importantly edit.

That being said I have finished editing Happy Hills and Forlorn Fields and have now put up the first part of the story. I encourage you to check it out by clicking the title name below:

I have been working on this story for a very long time. I have to admit that it feels so very good to get to this point. This story has gone through so very many revisions. Starting it, I never thought it would be a lite novel nor that I would be publishing it on my own site. But hey God works in mysterious ways.

I am so very proud of myself.

Man where did that sand in my eyes come from?

Let me...

I gotta....

I will be back....

Okay so I am back.

Don't worry I got out all that sand out of my eyes.

Anywho..., I hope you read it and continue to check in every two weeks on Thursdays to get the latest installment.

Also in honor of April being National Poetry Month I will be publishing a poem or maybe even two.

Don't forget to like my Facebook page.

I haven't forgotten the blog post about dictators. It's in the works.

In the meantime I encourage you to check my other Works and leave a comment or even two.

I hope you have a great time and remember to go for your dreams you never know what might happen.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Apr 08, 2021

I am so very happy for you. Keep you the great work!

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