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Happy New Year!

A lot has happened this year. I finally finished Graduate school, I have two new four legged writing partners and now have a human writing buddy. My two new four legged writing partners are Benni (a foster kitty fail) and Solomon (a two year old recently adopted goofball). 

I am not sure what the new year will bring; however, I look forward to both the challenges, joys and writing projects that I will be completing. 

I hope you are also looking forward to the year 2024 which according to the Chinese calendar will be the year of the Wood Dragon. 

What does that mean exactly? 

Well, according to the Chinese Zodiac site, it is supposed to be a year of “potential and opportunity.” Which means that it will be “a great year to start new projects, explore new opportunities and create value for yourself and others.” 

All in all I take this to be the year where I try and push my writing career as hard as I can. Which means a steady posting schedule of stories, poems and most importantly blogs. You might have seen a little of that in the month of November. Get ready for more. 

It also means posting on Wattpad and Tumblr, and finding writing/publishing competitions/ opportunities and going for it. 

I have been hesitant for so long. Always waiting for the right time or until I had the right story. However, I don’t think there ever will be one. After all I’ve been waiting for over three years now. What I know now is that I am ready. As ready as I will get. My mind isn’t occupied with school. I have three, four legged writing companions, and I have a real writing buddy. A fellow writer whom I can trust and will allow me to bounce hopes/dreams, questions and ideas off of and vice versa. I have a fellow writer rooting for me and I have a fellow writer to root for. How exciting is that! But of course you all do count as well.

After all, what would this site be without you?

 A string of words being shot into the dark only to be scooped up by the ever growing threat of the writing AI machine.

Welp, hopefully not.

Here’s to positive thinking, a happy and productive (maybe even profitable) New Year!!!!

Fyi., did you know there is a Star Trek series out that has the crew from the Star Trek Voyager acting in it. Granted it's a cartoon but still!!!! It is called Star Trek Prodigy. I haven’t started watching it yet but I am soooo very excited! No doubt you will be seeing some blog postings about the show (I will try to aim for no spoilers however should there be some I will give you plenty of warning. Lol!)

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Ren Ruggiero
Ren Ruggiero
Jan 07

I am so happy to be your writing buddy and I'm really glad we met! We are going to do awesome things this year! 💖

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