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Happy Holidays!

I walked quickly,

with my head up,

focused on my destination,

my empty workstation.

When I heard a voice coming

from the bus station

that upon my first pass

in the opposite direction

sat empty on it's concrete foundation.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to you too.

A smile and wish of cheer

that any other day is nowhere near.

Only during the holiday

will strangers go out of their way,

to say,

Happy Holidays.

In addition to

hi and bye.

The only time we smile and nod

As we pass each other by.

Happy Holidays

Is it perhaps

because of Christmas


is it because

we have always wanted to engage

But hi and bye

don’t give you a place to go in a conversation

other than the original destination.

So to you I bid a Happy Holiday

with a dash of Merry Christmas

a splash of Kwanzaa blessings

a sprinkling of Happy Hanukkah

and may we all radiate joy,

like a well played harmonica;

That carries us far into the New Year

With plenty of holiday cheer.

Happy Holidays!

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