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Drawing Challenge?

I have a bit of a confession…

Eh, emm..., here goes

I can’t really draw...

I know. I know. All us artistic/creative/innovative types are supposed to be able to draw right....

While I can draw it is not always clear what the final image is supposed to be or in many cases who. To resolve this area of weakness I have resolved to learn how to draw. To do so I will be using the following book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards to teach myself, one chapter at a time. To keep myself on track I will be sharing the completed chapters efforts with you online.

That way I not only have a journal of my progress but you, and most importantly, I can see the progress I have made as I go through these chapters.

Feel free to join me on my quest to learn how to draw. Because afterwards I will be building on my drawing skills to create more intricate works such as book cover designs, animations, book illustrations and more.

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