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Dedicated... To What?

First and foremost, I have missed writing to you all. So much so that it feels like I am an overfull pumped balloon, only one ink pen jab away from bursting with words to share. Which is a refreshing place to be after feeling as if I were dragging words from the Kola Superdeep Borehole (the deepest man-made hole in the world, located in Russia). Since I’ve been gone I’ve been dreaming about the dawn of time, I’m so ready to write. Yeah Yea- Wait no that’s not right...

I have been doing quite a bit. Let me give you the 411. Graduate school is a thing for me again.

Traveled outside of my home state, and saw three different states, or was it four…*counting on fingers* Let me see first Georgia then, accidentally went to Tennessee, got back on track in Alabama and finally made it to Louisiana. Wait, I’m missing one. Oh yea Mississippi! So five!

Fyi, if you ever get a chance to travel to the above states might I recommend the Cathedral Caverns in Alabama, the Ocmulgee Mounds National Historic Park in Georgia. Oh and you have to see the Emerald Mound in Mississippi. It is beyond amazing. Especially considering that the Native American people of the Mississippian culture built the mounds overtime, by carrying baskets of dirt on their backs, over, and over, and over again; Generation after, generation after, generation. They planned this and committed to building it. Seriously, it makes me think about my own work ethic. Have I ever been dedicated to anything that equates to lugging baskets full of dirt up a man made hill, with the idea that someday it will be finished. Not I, but my future generations will see the massive monument that I contributed to. For me it's my writing, however, no lie, I am totally planning to see the gains of my work while alive and well. I sincerely do hope my work stands the test of time, and that my descendants will be just as proud of it as I am.

It does stop and make you wonder, what are we, as a society, dedicating ourselves to building? What is our generation pouring ourselves into? What do we dedicate most of our time and effort to? Social Media? Yeah, just some things I was thinking about while on the road, especially after climbing to the top of Emerald and Temple Mounds and seeing the people of Mississippian's culture work. Also, I had to admit to being pretty upset, all over again, at the history lessons I received on Native Americans. It was sorely lacking. I mean granted, I knew I wasn’t getting the full story. All one has to do is read the book, Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen to get that message loud and clear, or just go to a museum, or historical Native American site, college history classes help as well. With all that one is able to receive a clearer picture of just how much information and knowledge has been obscured, hidden, or made to be “pretty”, when it was downright horrific and wrong. Christopher Columbus anyone.

But let’s not go down that dark path just yet.

What have I been up to besides school and traveling? Well, you know, last month was November and I have spoken earlier about National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Well if you already guessed it kudos to you. I participated in it this year. It was and continues to be a learning challenge. One of the most fun challenges I have faced in the month of November. Trust me there was indeed more than one challenge.

Anyway, the goal that I’d set for myself was to write 50,000 words. Which is the size of a small novel. I didn’t make it but I am still pleased with my accomplishment of 53.94% completed with 26,969 words.

In addition to my writing goal, I have been hosting morning write-ins for my local NaNoWriMo group. Just waking up early to encourage other writers to join me in writing, has helped me to get up early in the mornings, get into a writing routine and most importantly, see the sunrise. I know right how cool is it, to see the sky change from pitch black, to purple, to dark blue, and finally the morning bright blue that says all's right with the world. Do you know why all is well with the world? It’s because I have woken up early to write. I am a Morning Bird!!! I have a writing routine. I say NaNoWriMo worked great out perfectly for me. Although there are some trade offs to being a Morning bird. I can no longer hangout late at night. When the clock strikes 10:00 pm the struggle is real.

Ain’t no partying going on over here unless my character is going to a rave.

Unfortunately none of them have done so but I ever hold out hope.

Plans for the future. Eehhhh… I don't quite know. I have several things written that I am going through to see will be posted. I have created a Wattpad account and am currently in the process of figuring that out. I have finally posted the Ending to Happy Hills and Forlorn Fields. I apologize for the delay. I am still working on my novel and other stories. Oh remember Scribophile? Yes, I have finally indeed worked on it. So stop staring at me Justin Timberlake (see previous blogpost, I Feel so Lonely: Rough Times). I do know that I am changing that two week Thursday thing, to just a Thursday, or maybe not.

Deadline, or no deadline? That is the question.

Perhaps I will go into more detail about my trip. Yes, I think I will do that. Especially as doing that well help me to also fully understand the history of what I have seen. But I make no promises. No, pressure pushing down on me, going on over here.

Until next we meet. At the golden hour of that particularly fascinating tower. Tell me in the comments below what is something that you have dedicated your life to that will hopefully stand the test of time.

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