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Waiting For You

By: Denishea Young

Waiting and waiting

For you to catch up.

Long must I wait

Patiently I stand.

By your side at your command

Ready, hoping, debating.

Time passes by

still I stand.

side by side

Stride after stride

my gait slows to match yours

Should I wait?

I wonder

Should I pass you by

My journey would be complete.

no longer biding my time

waiting and waiting for you

But then epiphany

The reason I wait

The reason I sigh

and do not wail and cry

my boredom and frustration on high

my journey would be done

completed in a jiffy.

Yet you would be missing

no laughter, no smile,

no whiling away the time

no idle chatter.

no reassuring warmth.

There would be me and only me.


So wait.

Impatiently I do

sometimes with a sigh or two.

But I will always wait for you.

waiting dog.jpg

Image by robo1214 from Pixabay 

© Denishea Young
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