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By: Denishea Young

Smile, bright, full of cheer

inside apathy holds sway

a kernel at first

now full bloom

hidden for the time

until it goes boom.


Smile, with teeth that shine bright

a beacon on the darkest night.

inside anger gnaws and bites

biding its time then striking out.

blindsiding those within its glorious rays.


Smile with lips stretched wide.

A twinkle in the eye

invitation to join in.

An inside joke well all know.

inside tears and sadness

fills to the brim.

Dragging, deep, deeper

down, down, down

the dank, dark well.

No light dareth dwell.


Smile easy and free

no worries

no pain

inside fear clouds everything

cringing, shame,

mind racing, frantic

anxiety rampant.

What did I say?

God why is he looking at me that way?

I should’ve, could’ve...

I wish I hadn’t...

God let me forget!

Hide must hide

Run can’t run.

Die must die



fake smile.jpg
© Denishea Young
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