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Rope's Freedom

By: Denishea Young

Rope rough and tough dangling from a tree

Branch strong and long unbinding in the wind

Blowing steadily setting the leaves asway

Back and forth the rope follows in its wake.

Sturdy and strong the rope carries on

Binding winding twisting knots and holes

An opening it does form.

 Beckoning, calling

“To me you will come. With me you will be

To the end until two become three.”

At it I stare. Long I have I ignored its call.

Tonight, I will no longer stall.

Hesitate, deliberate or calculate.


Tonight, I answer with a sigh

Worry and fear finally fall away.

The stress of time sheds

Layer after layer

Bark crumbling beneath my grasp

Roots stacked bringing me high.


A braided knot of silken rope reached

Soothing, a balm for my soul

Over my head does the hole go

Resting snuggly around the neck

A final embrace

A breath, a release, a hug


A Noose!

No air, Can’t Breathe!

Where is the freedom, the peace?

Fight body and legs flail jerking gasping for air.

Tighter the rope does cling

No finger will pry it away.

 Prey... Pray… Played

The ground too far to reach.

Where is the freedom? where is the peace?


Darkness encroach no more jerking

No more remorse

Darkness is all

No stars tonight no moon for light



One question doeth remain as the body swings

Wind blows steadily pushing and shoving as it wills.

Branch unyielding bowed not a little

Tree unwavering as leaves sing its praises

Body dangling strange fruit not yet claimed

Spirit whispering

Where is my freedom?

Where is my peace?

© Denishea Young
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