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Speaking of Kittens!

In the Hydra Challenge post I talked about a writing challenge that I had been introduced to along with a writing resource that were both helpful in getting words on the page and quieting the inner editor. They were the Hydra Challenge (write 500 words in 5 minutes) and The Most Dangerous Writing App (keep writing until the time period is up or lose your work).

Today I bring you another writing site called, Written? Kitten!, which is both much easier and gentler than the aforementioned app; in that there is little to no risk of losing your work. It is helpful in that it rewards you for continuing to write.

What is the reward you ask?

Why pictures of kittens of course, or puppies, bunnies, dinosaurs or whatever else sparks the, aww how cute, part of your brain.

Who can resist writing more if a picture like the one above was to pop up?!

I didn’t expect this website to be as helpful or effective as it was. However, I wrote more consistently than I had when just doing regular sprints.

There is something about anticipating a picture of a cute dog that provides you inspiration and a little chuckle to keep going. I also enjoyed that the site reassures about work being saved before you start. A popup comes up as soon as you start writing that states something to the effect of your work being saved and therefore one need not be concerned that if you click away or accidentally close out the site that your work will be lost.

If you need a break from the pressure and just want some cute pictures of your thematic choice to appear as you reach your mini writing goals of 100 or 200 or more words then this is the site for you. May your kitties be pretty and your puppies plucky and cute.

Finally Good Luck and remember whether or not you make your NaNoWriMo goal just know that you already have significantly more words on the page than you started with. That is something to take pride in.

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