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Updated: May 15

Star Trek’s motto is, to boldly go where no man (person) has gone before. Yet, I, as an avid fan of Star Trek have not been living up to the ideals that Star Trek implores it’s viewers to hold. Namely that I go forth and explore the unknown regardless of the cornel of fear that takes root in my heart and whispers in my head that I can’t do it. I don’t know enough. That I don’t have enough skills. 

I have honestly listened to those whispers for far too long. However, I have resolved that I will no longer let that be the case. I have too much passion, creativity and interests to let fear stifle me. 

So what this means is that I am going forward with my idea of posting on WattPad, and starting a YouTube Channel.

As of the posting of this blog the first part of Happy Hills and Forlorn Fields (my first lite novel) have been posted on WattPad. Click the link below to check it out and maybe leave a comment to help others find it:

I am both terrified and excited. Why? Because I have been wanting to do this for so long! But each time I get up the gumption to do it, a seemingly valid reason always comes up as to why it would be better to wait.

However, I refused to kowtow to my fears/insecurities. I am striding forward into the unknown, to me, wider writing world. Hopefully people read my work and enjoy it. If not, it wasn’t for them and I will have to learn how to be okay with it. 

I even created my own digital art work. See the first image below. I am so very proud and excited to have completed this and come this far. I can’t wait to see where I will be next year.

A woman smiling while two boys play with frisbee behind her.
Mother Monroe on Forlorn Fields

I also want to say thank you to the Velvet Ramble podcast. It was honestly this conversation that helped me to see that I can’t keep hiding in my shell and hoping someone just walks past and notices me. I have to take risks, get messy, and make mistakes (yes that is from the Magic School bus). Click here to listen to the conversation about Creative Constipation and the insights we gained not only into each other but ourselves.

As for YouTube, essentially I will be creating what I want to see. Someone who looks like me who is writing/drawing/creating. There were videos out there but they all seemed so contrived or played music that I wasn’t interested in listening to or had distracting backgrounds. I am not sure if the videos will gain traction or not. But I plan to have fun creating and putting out what I have been unable to thus far find. I don't have anything on there just yet but I will let you know when I drop my first video.

I hope seeming me going boldly forward inspires you to go forth boldly as well. You can do it! While fear is important don’t let it hold you back from accomplishing your hopes and dreams.

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