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Maniacal Melting Ice Caps

By: Denishea Young

Sitting on my throne

Overlord of all

Waiting for you to notice

What all I’ve done. 


Waiting for ice to melt.

It goes ever so slow 

But the splash it will make

Brings me unlimited joy.


Waiting for it’s graceful fall

Into the dark mystical depths below.

To add it’s bulk and mass to the waterflow.


Oh what joy it will bring

My soul on high

Peals of laughter

Slip and slide on by.


Oh ice melt and show them my plan.

To flood the masses out of land.

To destroy all that has gone before

Remaking this planet, the way I planned it.


Oh ice. Dear ice

Drip and drop

Fast and swift 

Until you’ve cracked and turned the world asunder.


Bring all to me to kneel and beseech.

For I am the MASTER!

Their KING. 

The Deliverer of humans to their proper place. 

Before my throne lying in disgrace.

ice man.jpg

Image by Denishea Young original images sourced from Pixabay 

© Denishea Young
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