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Hiding Behind The Rules

By: Denishea Young

There are a set of bars

Invisible to the eye

But behind those lines

I do recline.


Safe in my cage

Made of words

They protect me

From the ills of the world.


To the patrons I say

These are the rules.

Copies I give negro en blanco

To me they look and ask

Can’t they be bent, broken, bypassed?

To me they plea and cry


I stand firm fright in my eyes

My bars taken no place to hide.

Shaking my head, I do decline.


These are the rules they must be obeyed.

If you can’t abide you may not stay.


My invisible bars.

Through the spaces I peer.

Chaos and despair, I see.

No! Nope! Not for me!

I will stay behind my lines

Safe in their embrace

My haven, my home, my cage

In here will I remain.

© Denishea Young
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