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By: Denishea Young

If I close my eyes

Turn aside

Headlines will pass me by

Five Year Old Raped By Uncle.

Woman Body Found Stabbed Fifteen Times.

Father Killed Five Children Murder-Suicide.


So much pain

So much hate

So much sadness

Not much more can I take


Afraid to turn on the news

Hesitant to click on CNN

BBC isn’t any better

NPR changes along with the weather.


Always it seems to be

Front and center for all to see.

Cringing at the title


Outside a mask

No this doesn’t bother me

Soul dying in agony.

Can’t trust your family

Can’t trust your friends

Forget your lover.

They may all be the same.


Is this the world I inhabit.

God such a shame.

I want to close my eyes.

Turn aside

Run from the headlines

That spy, wiggle and creep

Into my conscious mind.

My dreams they seek

My soul they try.

I can not cry

A mask on the outside


Cringing, why?

I can’t close my eyes.

I can’t turn aside

I can’t fight, it's not my time.

So why? Why? WHY?

Is this it!

Is this my world!


Anger, fear anxiety.


Not my sin, not my crime.

So why cringing.

Body bleeding trembling


It's my job to see

To watch and note

To bid my time

Wait but not hide


One day I will speak

My voice will be heard

No cringing, no shame.

No cries of why.


One day I will speak

My headlines you will see.

© Denishea Young
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