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Out Sick

Hello Fellow Ruminators,

First the third installment of Happy Hills and Forlorn Fields is up. Check it out and leave a comment or two. Did it go as you were expecting? Are you surprised? What do you think will happen next?

Second, as you know I missed several week’s blog posting time. Why? Well It all started when I received my second Covid 19 vaccine shot. Let me just say that I am so very glad that I have not caught Covid 19 and my heart goes out to those who have/had it. I had symptoms for five days and I was not happy about it; to say the least.

During that time all I did was either sleep, watch anime in my hammock or attempt to eat (I was so hungry, but I couldn’t eat). I was miserable. I could not imagine being in a hospital with all these symptoms and much more for over a period of weeks or months. During my time of illness Papito and Pedro were less than thrilled. They just wondered why I was in the house all day and when I might be leaving if the disgruntled squeaks I heard anytime I dared walk by their respective cages were any indication.

After I got well. I took an unscheduled break. It wasn’t that I was tired....

Okay that is a lie. I was tired.

Many nights I came home, got ready for tomorrow and told myself I would just take a little nap. Only to wake up in the morning in time to go to work. So yes I was tired. Getting a full night of rest for the first time in a while has been wonderful. I missed writing and I wanted to update but I just couldn’t. Not just then. I would love to say that the time off was stress free and consisted only of long lasting naps and work however that was so not the case. Indeed things at work have been “heating up” as summer is kicking off and with it all the major amounts of work that comes with pulling programs and plans off leading to a huge ending event.

So in short. I got sick which resulted in me taking that time off and instead of jumping right back into the writing saddle I just did not and tried to chill out. So I apologize for not keeping you all informed. However, I think taking the time off was for the best as now I am jittery from the need to write and I have a plan in the works so that in the case an absence is needed it will not affect you all. Thank you for sticking with me so far. I really do appreciate you all.

Now it is the time you have been waiting for duh duh dun dunnnnn…..

Goal update!!!!

Do you remember (Yes, Earth, Wind and Fire's September did play in my head) that goal I had of working on the outline for ten minutes every day until May 15th. Well that didn’t happen. See above paragraphs. I am however not discouraged. Instead I will be starting the start date and time over again. Starting tomorrow. No really, I will start tomorrow. I will get up early to work just on that. As I have learned during my time off you just have to make time for the things that are important to you.

It’s not going to happen otherwise. Trust me I have tried.

So that means that I will begin on June 5, 2021 and end on July 5, 2021… Firework celebration whoo-hooo!!!

To place the goal into SMART goal terminology:

From June 5, 2021 until July 5, 2021 I will set aside 10 minutes daily to work on my outline for the Untitled Story to provide a structured framework and reference for the continuation and continuity of the Untitled Story. I will keep track of my progress through a tracker and reassess my direction and progress on a weekly basis.

Yep that sounds do-able. So this concludes this blog post. Look forward to the next blog post. In the meantime please checkout my other works and of course leave a comment or two.

To learn more about smart goals see the links below:

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